Hardware and Networking

Our professionals are well experienced and highly skilled in designing different patterns of hardwares for computer systems including security measures, fiber optical components, peripherals and servers. We offer our designing services for various kinds of networks including both wireless and wired. We would also work on hybrid networks as it has been found to optimize the productivity and investment to a greater level in many business attempts.  

Our experiences has made us experts in analyzing all types of cabling fiber whether frequency based or co-axial type and successfully install them as per the requirements. We have a greater exposure to several global networking brands of products and devices such as firewalls, routers, server management items, switches, broad band connectivity, print servers, UPS virus management, KVM consoles and even equipments from the IT tracks.

We are also familiar with the network operating systems like Novell, Linux and other Microsoft servers. In the field of networking we exhibit excellence in devising transport technologies, security, IP telephony, core/edge and aggregation, management systems, LAN and WAN networking and in installing structured cabling.

 Eventual InfoTech is a venture running closer to the expectations of clienteles from begging to end. Our huge range of activities has made global media close to our hands which could help you much to reach your audience. We work all through the 24 hours of a day and seven days of the week so as to support our clients in every way and to boost our business goals.