Looking for a Virtual Office?

Today, everything is at our finger tips,

even the latest technological innovations could be a part of our life within hours or even few minutes. In fact new era has taken us to an unbelievable technical world where distances and spaces become mere imaginations. Traditional buildings and office rooms has become more like an unessential factor in setting up business enterprises. Here is where the importance of a free type of virtual office system lies. It’s of no doubt that a virtual office set up is one of the best ways to make your business flourish in this 21st century.

Eventual InfoTech, with all its long years of experience could help you to set up the most outstanding virtual offices for your business. We could provide you with all amenities of a conventional office or a far better  office facility with telephone connections, fax forwarding services, administrative support, secretarial backing, technical help etc.
As per the report of “office space across the world”, there has been a great increase in the office rentals at Asia Pacific region showing up to even 55% during 2010-2011.

Benefits of a virtual office

There are various reasons for preferring a virtual office than a real office set up. One of the major causes is a strain less environment. Business entrepreneur could also lessen his financial burden of rent and other things via this virtual office set up. Convenient working set up is another important component and one has no need of getting tired of reaching the office at the correct office time. Here what matters is nothing but the in-time delivery of the quality works. Now, why should you waste your precious time, money and energy on constructing traditional brick and motor office space? Our team of Eventual InfoTech is there at your convenience to aid with all what you need to built your virtual office and our virtual office assistant could assist you in every step of your dream. We will run your office and you could manage your business in the most efficient way.


How our virtual assistants could help you

•    Personally attend and reply to your customer call with your business label
•    Call screening
•    Administrative assistance on request
•    Sorting as well as  forwarding emails
•    Providing our virtual office address in your company name
•    Sending caller details to your id on a regular basis
•    Call back at request

Our team of Eventual InfoTech could owe your enterprise with all flexibility, profitability, efficiency and a lot more in the most economical way. Your place or position is not a matter for setting up a virtual office, just be a part of us and we will be with you all your way through our excellent virtual office set up.

For any further queries on setting up a virtual office, please be free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request a quote. You can contact and clarify all your doubts regarding the same through our 24/7 chat aids.