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We Extends our Hands Of Partnership

With all pride, our team owes the name of one of the most successful web application development and internet marketing Services Company, catering to Large Scale Corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises alike, extending our hands to a win-win partnership. Reap the benefit by the Synergy of our Partnership.

Partner's Programme

Call it a Strategic Alliance or a Tactical Association. Whatever it may be, the ultimate objective of eventual InfoTech is to grow together by sharing the expertise, skills, know-how, and capabilities that exist between our partners which either are duplicated or ignored. We seek to form strategic alliances with other businesses across the globe to add-value to what we do. We aim to redefine the IT function by promoting symbiotic partnership model. Under the Partner's Program, we envisage an excellent path of success in terms of generating sales and receiving quality business opportunities. Eventual InfoTech would wish to share both the potential market and growth with the ideal partner.

Eventual Partnership program is a win-win business model which guarantees mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. The relationship is not a one-way path, but reciprocal in nature. Effectively, the partnership allows you to grow on your core-competency while we will make sure that we build aptitude for offshore software development methodology. Our partnership program will provide a dedicated and innovative IT professional team, which will help the Partner-Firm to take your company to the next level. The partnership will also enable you to take on your greatest challenges without having to fear about expense, delay, staffing and the like.

The varied models for entering a Partnership Program offered by our eventual infotech group include the following:

Out-sourcing partnership

We are accessible and open to work on any IT/Software projects wherein, we can be your additional or extended arm of expertise. This will be particularly beneficial in terms of outsourcing projects offered by you. If you are an IT/Software firm and wants to expand your business then we could offer you the best outsourcing solutions. With our vast expertise and experience, we can easily help you in lowering development costs and delivering high quality services to your clients. Expanding your work offshore, offers you cheaper resources and larger brain pool.

Technology partnership

Are you looking for a professional IT unit which can handle specific and exceptional services in Web Development, Internet marketing, software migration, QA testing, or SEO/SEM? We are glad to become your technology partner in these diverse spheres as we can confidently offer high-quality services to your customers. Your responsibility under this partnership agreement is to assist in collating carefully all technical descriptions of the required project and occasionally to act as a project manager. Eventual InfoTech will handle all the rest. This will include careful project plan preparation and cost estimation, assigning qualified developers, providing unique tools and solutions and comprehensive testing of all deliverables.

Business Partnership

Are you an IT entrepreneur or a sales professional, or just a person who believes he/she can earn good money by finding opportunities for businesses around you? If yes, this programme is a perfect-fit for you. Under this programme you will be in charge of finding business opportunities and generating leads. We would supply you with all the required marketing materials and technical documentation; our sales and marketing team will be working together with you to help capture business opportunities during the end-to-end-decision-making process; our IT specialists will ensure the customers' technical needs are fully met. Eventual InfoTech will also guarantee end-users providing the required resources and project implementation. Needless to mention, though we work, you will keep receiving your finder's fee unbroken.

For any further queries on partnership details, please be free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request a quote. You can also contact and clarify all your doubts regarding the same through our 24/7 chat aids.