3600 Virtual Tour

How would you feel if you were given a chance to boost your sales with the latest technology?

Eventual Infotech is offering you a wonderful technology where virtual tour is possible.3600 Virtual Tour photography is a new concept which will be added to your website, to give a 3600 view of facilities with the help of a very wide photograph of your establishment. A Virtual Graphics Photographer will take the necessary photographs.

Virtual Tour, gives a digitally-stimulated panoramic tour of any place, designed specially to view through the internet. A walk through of any location from your computers with internet is now possible through Virtual Tour. Customer satisfaction is the prime aim of 3600 Virtual Tour photography. The website visitors are given an opportunity to explore and walk around the facilities of Hotels, Malls, Show-rooms, Hospitals or Schools with this unique facility called Virtual tour.

Eventual Infotech is wonderful team of innovative people, who provide you with this extraordinary facility. We provide you with the facility of walking into a place and having an overall 3600 view of the indoor or outdoor area with just a click of the mouse button. The customer can pan up, down and look around and move on to another area by clicking the assigned arrows. Showcasing of the facilities virtually,  brings in the complete attention of the customers, which will in turn help in the rise in sales. Demonstration CD’s are also provided by us.

People in need of Vitual tour (Who needs Virtual Tour?)

Business which needs to showcase their facilities can use Virtual Tour. Virtual Tour is an effective marketing tool in the fields of Hospitality, Automotive, Real Estate and many other Industries.


3600 Virtual Tour is a mandatory factor of promotion of Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cafes and Bake Houses. This is a wonderful way of attracting visitors, as they will get an exact idea of what they will find when they reach your place. The 3600 view of the rooms, lounge, dining space, kitchen area, bar, swimming pools and the exteriors can create an impression in the minds of the visitors about the Hotel, before they visit the place.


While the launch of a car, we get to know more only about the exterior. It is very obvious that when a new car is launched, people who want to have an idea of its interior, its colors and combinations. In an ordinary website with just the pictures of the car, it is not possible.  The ultimate solution for this problem is Virtual Tour. With this technology, we can not only have an exterior view, but also have a detailed peep into the interior.

Real estate

Today, Real estate is a business area where the client has to be given even the minute details of a site or a house or a building. By showing brochures, a hi-tech client cannot be satisfied. Virtual Tour can solve this problem. A detailed panoramic view is opted before the client. He can have a clear picture of the property he is searching.

Other Industries

Religious Institutions

Through Visual Tour, pilgrims can have a detailed view of a pilgrim centre whether it be a church, a temple, a gurudwara, a mosque or any place of meditation. People search online for visiting religious centers and they can be contented after watching Virtual Tour.


For the promotion of sales and business, Virtual View can give much promotion to factories in their website. This can guarantee full satisfaction to the customer.
Virtual Tour is an effective marketing tool for promotion of Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Resorts, Hospitals, Concert halls, Chapels, Wedding Halls and Houses for sale, for today’s hi-tech the consumer. Event planners, Tourists, Business people and Students will gain much out of this facility.

Process of Production

A Virtual Graphics Photographer will visit the location during the process of production, and take the required images to be included in the virtual tour. Our technicians then will gather the images to create, edit and present your Virtual tour, according to your requirements.